music: Christian Donovan - lyrics: Christian Donovan

Down in the dark of the tunnel of my life
There’s a small white spot
On the track of my rotten soul
Glows a lightning white dot

Always on the run since time had first begun
We were always the last
In a swarm of star ships trying to
Escape from all the bloody rest

   Tell them all I am leaving this town
   I’m not bidding farewell
   Tell them all that I’m not homeward bound
   But I’ll see them all in hell

There’s a thorn in the side of my mind
Like a cancer in my chest
I need a hammer to break my twisted spine
Tear the nail out of my breast

   I’ve been told they don’t want me here no more
   At no side of the track
   Life’s a bitch and she’s a fucking whore
   I’m not coming back
   (I’m not coming back
   I never will go back)