music: Christian Donovan - lyrics: Christian Donovan

   Let’s rock and roll
    With your head through the wall
    Let’s rock your fucking soul
    Don’t let them bother you at all
    Say yes or no
    Just let it fucking go
    Put some money in the jukebox
    And grab life by the balls

Life can be a roller coaster or a constant thing
It can make you shout out loud or make you want to sing
It can make you want to kill or make you want to dance
You don’t have to force it but don’t miss your next chance

    Let’s rock and roll…

Your asshole boss is nagging on everything you do
Your teacher he is ranting that you haven’t got a clue
No matter how you’re trying they treat you like their thrall
Step up to their desks and kick their fucking balls!

    Let’s rock and roll…

Your girlfriend’s not half as nice as you think she was
You finally have found out that she’s not a big loss
You feel like you’re dying and you’re ready for your pall
I’m sure you’ll find a better one who will grab your balls

    Let’s rock and roll…