music: Donovan - lyrics: Donovan

You ran around with other girls from Munich to Berlin
You didn’t even call me or told me where you’ve been
You hung around and drank with pimps in filthy little bars
Now here is one thing baby - you have gone too far

    Oh please don’t call me baby
    Oh please don’t call me baby
    Please don’t call me baby
    Baby no-more

You went all over Europe and the USA
You’ve had your dirty secrets - that was not OK
You said you’d never cheat on me but that was just a lie
You’ll never fool me once again - now I say goodbye

    Oh please don’t call me baby…

Some women they get flowers - some even get a ring
You wasted all our money - that’s why I have to sing
How could I’ve been so stupid? Have I just been blind?
You’re the dirty liar and I’m out of my mind

    So please don’t call me baby…

You are a lousy lover and a motherfucking jerk
You’ve never satisfied me and never looked for work
Please don’t write me e-mail I hope you’ll never call
The next time that I see you I will break your balls

    Oh please don’t call me baby…